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Now if that ain't enough software for your download pleasure...

Current projects:  

Genesis CDX With SEmu Cartridge

This is Atani's main project. The aim is to create the ultimate Sega System conglomerate emulator. It's fast, stable and supports the Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, SG-1000. Sega CD support is in early beta stages. 32x Support is planed.

Picture info: This is a Genesis CDX unit. The unit it's self is pretty rare due to it's high price! It is also known as the Multi Mega. It sold at a retail price of 1000DM (ca. 600USD then) back in 1994 in Germany! I'm one of those lucky first hand owners =)

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Laser32 - 229KB - Version 0.10  
Laser LogoLaser32 is the win32 port of the dos emulator Laser. Laser is an Arcade emulator that supports only a few games... It's an really awesome emulator so far... Atani made a preliminary port available here. He will have the other bugs fixed if others want them to be fixed. Otherwise the release that is out now will be the only release until a new version of Laser comes out.

Future Projects  

- DCBliss
- Unnamed RPG

More info soon!

Not supported by Atani-Software anymore:  
DC Generator  

DCGenerator is no longer supported by Atani Software, please visit the new maintainer

DC Generator is a port of the popular emu called Generator (originally intended for Linux based systems) to the Dreamcast. It has a good engine, supports a lot of games and best is: It runs at full 60FPS.

DC Generator was cancelled for different reasons.
To namesome:
- Beta was leaked
- Prankbeggs for the sourcecode

Generator 32  

Generator is a Win32 port of the popular Generator emu for Linux based systems. It has a good engine and supports a lot of games.

Unfortunately Generator 32 was cancelled due to the loss of it's source code

You can still download it here. Please note that there might be a new version on the official homepage.


The emu is coded by Bart Trzynadlowski's.
Bart Trzynadlowski's has decided to make his emu closed source, so we can not make new ports for Windows.

You can still download it here. Please note that there might be a new version on the official homepage.


Raine is an Arcade emulator that supports a large number of games...
This emu is now also ported to Windows by the Raine team.

Go to the raine homepage for downloads and updates.


Never released to the public:  

DC GBA was intendet to be Game Boy Advance emulator for the Sega Dreamcast but has been cancelled due to several reasons.

I don't want to go into detail here, but its concluded and it can't be changed.


Please read the Disclaimer before downloading any of our software!

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