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When will SEmu be released?
SEmu is already released. If a new version is released we'll tell you through our mainpage!

Semu doesn't work!
Check if you downloaded the correct version for your OS. Make shure you have installed the latest drivers and installed them correctly.

Where can I find ROMs or ISOs?
Please don't ask this questions as we wont tell you where to get them. Unless the game has no copyright or you actually own the cardridge, CD-ROM or media, the game is on and make a backup copy your self they are illegal! You may want to try Kojotes Homepage though. It has a lot of freely available Public Domain ROMs/ISOs for all kinds of systems.

The game doesn't work!
Wait for a new Version of SEmu or the corresponding Emulator, it might work by then!

The emulator is so slow
Get a faster PC, we are trying our best to make our emulators as fast as possible.
Genesis games will run at about 50-75% speed on a 300 Mhz machine. SegaCD games will run at about 33% of normal speed on a 300 Mhz machine.

Your Emulator sux!
Then just don't download it! Make a better one!

What systems are currently supported by SEmu?
At the moment only the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive are supported by the public releases of SEmu.
There are internal builds which support the Sega CD, MegaCD, Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000 and SC-3000.

Can I become a beta tester?
No, you can't! We choose the beta testers our selves and do not give out any betas to strangers. If you find a place with leaked betas please inform us.

I ran one of your software Products on my PC, now it's broken.
We dont give warranty of any kind on any of our products!

How can I help you?
If you have any detailed Information about the Sega CD, 32x, YM2612 or the V.R DVP feel free to contact us! Before sending us documents contact us first!

Will you make your emulator "Open Source" or release its sources?
No, as we spent much time and efforts in creating these emulators.

Can I sell your Emulator on a "Self Made" CD-ROM or ROM disc with games on it?
No, we dont promote piracy nor do we want others to earn money by selling our Software which is free! SEmu is FREEWARE!
If you are a Magazine and want to put any of our products onto your CD feel free to talk to us about it!

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